What we are doing at CrossFit NXNW to deal with and plan for the spread of Cov-19?

Well, the past couple days have been unreal with school closings, postponed sporting events, and banned group gatherings. We plan to remain open and want to let you know how our staff and your fellow members are taking extra precautions. We also want you to know that we’re planning ahead, developing an online solution for our current members to workout from home if needed.

For the most part, the population at our gym is very healthy. However, we sometimes forget that many of our members come into contact with more fragile populations throughout the day. Some of us live with spouses or family members who are elderly, have immune deficiencies, or other per-existing health issues. Many of our members work with more fragile populations for a living. To help slow the spread and to make sure ALL our members are comfortable working out at the gym, our goal is to make CrossFit NXNW the cleanest hour of your day! To do this we need your help and we’ve been asking everyone to do the following:

Wash your hands upon entering the gym.

Make your kids wash their hands upon entering the gym. Do not give your kids food in the kids room.

Wipe down all equipment after use. Use disinfectant wipes or our premixed spray. Don’t forget about plates, clips and other things you touch.

Do not come to the gym if you are sick. Do not bring your sick kid to the gym.

Wash your hands when you leave the gym.

In addition to these efforts, our coaching staff is helping our classes clean up after each class, and as usual mop workout areas. We’ve purchased a sprayer and have been spraying the entire gym with disinfectant multiple times a day, and our cleaner has been performing deep cleans during our off hours.

Do you want to work out from home still get the accountability, coaching, and community offered at our gym? We’re currently working on an online classroom solution for our current members that we’re excited to use. Whether or not if you have equipment at home, we’re going to get as creative as possible to make this work. We’ll announce more as we get everything figured out.