Wednesday 12/16/2020

Stuck working from home all day? Read here for a great way to break up your day with fitness!


:20 Tip Toe Walk
:20 Running High Knees
:20 Skipping High Knees


2 Sets:

10 Dynamic Pigeons
20′ Bear Crawl, Forwards
20′ Bear Crawl, Backwards
Lunge Matrix x 2 reps each leg

shoulder/running mobility



20 Minute AMRAP:

400 Meter Run
Pull-Ups x Max Reps

Equipment modifications

Scale today’s pull-ups with body rows or DB/random object rows. Click HERE for some ideas.

Run scaling options:

20 cal bike
500m row
50 jumping Jacks or mountain climbers
:90 jogging in place
200 single unders