Great Ways to Modify Pull-ups at Home


Great Ways to Modify Pull-ups at Home

Working out at home might require a touch of creativity to find ways to develop and work on your pull-ups. Here are some tips/tricks for working on your pull-ups at home.

Branch, Beam or other Object

Find a branch, a beam or anything in or around your house which is stable enough to hold your weight.

Sheet and Door

Here’s an at-home pulling station hack, courtesy of Seminar Staff Trainer and owner of MPH CrossFit, Melody-Sara Feldman (CF-L4). ⁣⁣⁣⚠️SAFETY TIP⚠️Make sure to test that knot and the door before trusting your set up with your full weight!⁣⁣⁣▪️Fold your bed sheet widthwise until it is very narrow.⁣⁣▪️Tie a knot in both ends.⁣⁣▪️Put one end over a door, making sure that: 1) the knot is completely on the other side of the door, 2) the sheet is as flat as possible across the top of the door, and 3) you have this set up so that you can pull in the direction that CLOSES the door.⁣▪️Shut the door and lock it, if possible.⁣⁣▪️On the pulling side, undo the knot you have tied and open up the bedsheet a few folds, so it is about as wide as your shoulders. ⁣⁣▪️Gripping the bedsheet on either side, walk your feet forward to get into the body row position, and you are ready! 👉 Remember, the farther you walk your feet out away from you, the more challenging this is. 👉Test your set-up by walking your feet out incrementally. ⁣⁣⁣⁣#CrossFit #CrossFitTraining #Fitness @mmmelodeee⁣⁣

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Towel Rows and Towel Pull-Ups

Find an upright or overhanging object to throw a towel around. Not only are these a great way to improve pulling strength, they’re also a great way to build grip strength.

Table Rows

Using a stable table, position your body in way which allows to perform a row. A straight body will make this more challenging while using bent knees can help you as you a pull your chest to the table.


These are possibly the most versatile and easiest way to create a pull-up/row set-up. One you have a pair all you need is s stable place to hang them. Do you live in an apartment or have limited space? Bring them to a park or outdoor space and find a place to hang them. Rings are great because they’re portable.

DIY Pull-up Bar

Quickly Google “diy crossfit pull up bar” to find videos and plans on how to create a pull-up bar in your home. In the past I’ve made them with plumbing supplies found at the local hardware store.

Door Frame/Wall Mount Pull-up Bar

If you’re looking to purchase a bar, there are plenty of places online to do so. Door frame pull-up bars can be used in any house/apartment.

Bent-over DB/BB Rows

We can still build some great pulling strength using DB and barbell rows.

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