Great Ways to Modify Pull-ups at Home

Working out at home might require a touch of creativity to find ways to develop and work on your pull-ups. Here are some tips/tricks for working on your pull-ups at home.

Branch, Beam or other Object

Find a branch, a beam or anything in or around your house which is stable enough to hold your weight.

Sheet and Door

Towel Rows and Towel Pull-Ups

Find an upright or overhanging object to throw a towel around. Not only are these a great way to improve pulling strength, they’re also a great way to build grip strength.

Table Rows

Using a stable table, position your body in way which allows to perform a row. A straight body will make this more challenging while using bent knees can help you as you a pull your chest to the table.


These are possibly the most versatile and easiest way to create a pull-up/row set-up. One you have a pair all you need is s stable place to hang them. Do you live in an apartment or have limited space? Bring them to a park or outdoor space and find a place to hang them. Rings are great because they’re portable.

DIY Pull-up Bar

Quickly Google “diy crossfit pull up bar” to find videos and plans on how to create a pull-up bar in your home. In the past I’ve made them with plumbing supplies found at the local hardware store.

Door Frame/Wall Mount Pull-up Bar

If you’re looking to purchase a bar, there are plenty of places online to do so. Door frame pull-up bars can be used in any house/apartment.

Bent-over DB/BB Rows

We can still build some great pulling strength using DB and barbell rows.

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