A Simple Way to Improve Your Day While Working From Home

Many of us find ourselves working or attending school from home these days. It’s important to find a way to way to stay fresh, focused, and healthy while being stuck in front of a computer. A quick break will get your eyes off the screen and your mind off work while improving your health.

During these shutdowns I have found myself using to a study strategy I used in college. It’s simple. In addition to my daily workout, I take four quick breaks throughout the day to perform 25 push-ups and 25 sit-ups. These breaks are enough to get the blood flowing and reset your thoughts. Plus, you’ll have completed 100 sit-ups and 100 push-ups by the end of your workday! Is 100 reps way too much volume for your ability? Here are some ways to modify and get creative:

  1. Lower the reps. Start with four sets of 10 instead. A great way to scale to your ability is to set your rep limit to what you can complete unbroken (without stopping).
  2. Modify the movements. Try completing your push-ups at an elevated angle. This can be done by placing your hands on the edge of your desk, or arm of your couch. The higher the object, the easier push-ups become.
  3. Get creative by using different movements. You can keep it simple with movements such as air squats, burpees, and lunges. Consider getting more technical or working on a weakness with movements like pistols, handstand push-ups, or pull-ups.

Mix it up as much you like! This is not meant to be your main workout for the day. Instead, it’s a little something extra to get away from your desk for a few minutes. For a full home workout, consider taking one of our online CrossFit classes.