Thursday 11/19/2020

You will be seeing some home workouts which call for pul-ups or rows. Read here on ways to do pull-ups and modify them at home


Complete 4 Sets:

100 Meter jog or :30 Stationary Jog or Jump rope
:15 Bear Crawl
10 Sit-Ups


Roll out calves with roller or any object
Quad Stretch


Complete 7 Rounds for Time:

100 Meter Farmer Carry
20 Mountain Climbers
10 Lateral Burpees over any object

21 Minute Time Cap

Equipment & Scaling

Farmer Carry

Choose a heavy weight/distance that will take at least :30-1 minute.

-Use heavy DB’s or KB’s

-If you have no weights, find two heavy objects, or two bags and fill them with objects to make them heavy. Sand bags, weighted buckets, weighted bags, weighted luggage etc…

-If you can’t find two heavy objects or two bags to fill, find one heavy odd object to carry, any way you can. Log, rock, tire, heavily loaded barrow etc…

-Limited space? Carry back and forth in a small space, for about 1 minute.