Friday 11/20/2020


-10 Pineapple Pickers
-10 Alternating Hand to toes
-5 Single Arm DB Rows, each arm – use any Object

-Elbow on Wall
-Straddle Middle (Focus on keeping s straight back, only lean far enough forward to feel a stretch)
-Straddle Left
-Straddle Right


8 Minute AMRAP

15 Ground-to Overhead
20 Air Squats

Rest 2 Minutes

8 Minute AMRAP:

15 Sit-Ups
50′ Bear Crawl

Equipment Scaling & Modifications

Ground to Overhead

-Use any object. Barbell, Weight Plate, DB, KB, Log, Weighted Back Pack, Sandbag etc…

Bear Crawl

-If you are limited in space, measure a small distance and repeat the crawl to complete 50′.