Reopening Part 2

CrossFit gym competition in downtown Port Orchard

We hope you’ve all stayed healthy, safe, and sane during the past couple months and hopefully you’ve enjoyed the holidays. Words can’t describe how grateful we are for all you who have continued to support us the past 10 months, and we wouldn’t still be here without you! When all this is over we would love to get everyone together for a BBQ, just like the good old days!

We’ve been given the green light to reopen, and we’re excited to get back to work!

Here are all the specifics.

First, we need to get equipment back in order to reopen. We’re hoping to reopen Monday, January 11th if we have enough of it back. If you aren’t ready to come back to the gym, let us know and we’ll work with you so you can continue working out at home with online classes.

Equipment Drop off Times:

Friday 12:00 -1:00; 4:30-5:30
Saturday 11:00-12:00
Sunday 11:00-12:00

If these times don’t work for you, let us know and we’ll meet you at a time that does work!

Precautions and Guidelines:

For the most part we believe we made working out at a gym as safe as possible during the past reopening. In addition to our previous precautions, we’ve added a CO2 monitor to ensure we have ample air exchange throughout the building.

There are no additional limitations as to how we had previously been operating. However, masks will have to be worn in order for us to reopen. While it’s not the most comfortable way to workout, it’s doable and it gets us back in the gym! Many countries, states, and cities have been enforcing working out with masks since summer, and CrossFit owners I’ve talked to throughout the country have assured me it’s a non-issue once you’re use to it. Click here to read more about mask usage, types of masks, and tips.

We will still be requiring reservations for classes, and our complete schedule will be posted Sunday evening if we get enough equipment back.

We’re beyond excited to see you all working out next week. Thanks again for all of your support!