Masks and CrossFit? Tips, Tricks, Answers

Masks aren’t the most comfortable way to complete a CrossFit class. However, if you’re like me, you’re just excited to get back into the gym and this is something we have to do in order to reopen. Plus, we’re the same crazy bunch that sometimes wears weight vests during workouts. A small piece of cloth isn’t going to get in the way of our training.

Since reopening in June, I’ve played around working out with a mask to get a feel for it as I’ve assumed this was coming for quite a while. Many Countries, States, Counties, and Cities have been implementing this in gyms since summer. Here are ways to make it a more pleasurable experience, as well as what we plan to do to help you adapt:

  1. Find the right mask for you! CrossFit Sanitas (home of CrossFit CEO, Eric Roza) has a great article comparing pros and cons of different mask styles. Read that article here! I took their advice and ordered an Under Armor Mask, it works great so far.
  2. Test it out, and start slow. Before coming into the gym throw on that mask and go for a long walk, then progress to some push-ups, sit-ups, and other body-weight movements in small chunks. Then go for a short jog. I’ve found it gets easier after the first couple minutes.
  3. Breathe through your nose. Nasal breathing produces more oxygen compared to mouth breathing.
  4. Take a break. If you need to catch your breath, just step outside and talk off the mask. Pull it away from your for face for a few seconds to grab a quick drink of water or catch a fresh breath.

We’re going to help you adapt to this change by focusing on strength and more moderate paced metcons for this first couple weeks. You’ll be seeing plenty of intervals, and EMOMs!

If you’re unable to wear a mask, we’ll still have online workouts available for you!

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