Phase 2 Reopening – Details, Limitations, Protocols

As a business and a community this has been the hardest two and a half months we have had to endure. We are incredibly thankful for everyone’s support during this time. We ask that when supporting small businesses in our community to be mindful that they are doing everything they can to adapt to this situation. Be kind, compassionate, and have patience.

Before reading through the following guidelines and restrictions, please realize that they were given to us by the state. While some are not ideal, they allow us to operate in in our physical space and move forward while providing a sanitary environment to insure all our members are comfortable at CrossFit NXNW. If all goes well for the next three weeks, Kitsap County will move to Phase 3 and the restrictions will be loosened. Please read below so you will know what to expect.

Feel free to read all the information on gyms reopening here

Your coaches will have their temperature taken and recorded before each shift.

Coaches are also required to wear a face covering, members are not required to wear one, but can if they wish. We have ordered 100 face coverings with our logo printed on them. These will be provided to our coaches and anyone else who wants one. If nothing else, you will look cool during your next trip to Costco.

We are restricted to running small classes in groups of five people. However, if we remain under 30% capacity, we are permitted to run multiple classes of five people at the same time. This means during busier times we will have two coaches running two classes of five in separate areas of the building, allowing for 10 people.

We have added more class times throughout the day to make up for the smaller class sizes. We will adjust the class schedule each week to meet demand. We are limiting any newcomers during this time until our current members are all able to get into the classes. Everyone will have to register for their class ahead of time by signing into their billing account. You can find the link at the bottom of our website, please watch the videos below to learn how to recover your password, sign in, and register. If you have a flexible schedule, we suggest you pick a class during a non-popular time so members with tight schedules can make the one class their schedule allows. Only sign-up for a class if you know you can attend and please cancel a class you will miss so someone else can take your spot. Classes are capped one hour before the start time (this may change).

You can now view the class times on our “schedule” page (I’m trying to fix the color scheme so it’s easier to read).

We know that some of you are enjoying the online classes and wish to work out from home during Phase 2. We will continue a couple of the more popular class times each day. The online classes will either be led by a coach from their home or may be run simultaneously with an onsite class. Continue to register for these by going to the “online” class page of our website.

During Phase 2 we are not permitted to provide any sort of childcare. Being a family-oriented gym, this one hurts, but allowing kids would also put us over capacity. By working together we can find solutions outside the gym.

We are not permitted to allow high risk clients as part of Phase 2 re-opening. High risk clients include people over the age of 65, people with serious underlying medical conditions, and people who are immunocompromised.

Here’s how a class during Phase 2 will work:

You will show up for your registered class. The state requires you to bring a separate pair of gym shoes or sanitize the bottom of your shoes at the front door. You will wash your hands or use hand sanitizer upon entering the gym. There will be designated workout stations which will be clearly marked. Your designated work out area will already contain all the equipment needed for the day’s work out. After the workout you will wipe down all equipment before leaving. Coaches will then sanitize the floor and equipment before the next class enters. We are not permitted to allow for people to congregate between classes, so socializing will have to be done outside our doors. We will also have the big doors open to provide plenty of airflow.

Again, If all goes well our restrictions will be loosened in three weeks, and as clarifications are released some of these rules are subject to change. We are beyond excited to be with our community again in downtown Port Orchard!

How to register and attend a Phase 2 class
How to sign-in to your account or recover your password
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