Friday 5/29/2020

Congrats Kitsap! We’ve been approved for Phase 2. We plan to reopen Monday, but before we do we need to get the loaned equipment back to the gym! We are available for drop off:

Thursday until 4
Friday 11-1; 2-4
Saturday 12-2
Sunday 12-2

Contact us if you’re not ready to come back and you’ve borrowed equipment. We’re also available for pickup!
Stay tuned for our new schedule and guidelines for reopening.


2 Sets:

20 Jumping Jacks
:30 Squat hold
:30 Plank hold
:30 Reverse snow angles – slow


3 Sets:

3 Front squats
3 Push press
3 Thrusters


Death by Thruster

Start with one thruster on minute one. Perform two on the next minute, and so until you can’t complete the reps associated with the minute.

Equipment scaling & modifications

Use any weighted object(s). Weighted back back, DBs, KBs, Barbell etc…