2022 Intramural Teams

Welcome to the 2021 CrossFit NXNW Intramural Open! Below are the most recent teams, but they are not final as we are still receiving sign-ups. You can sign-up here.

Each week we will announce theme which will help you get points for your team if you choose to dress-up! You can learn more about the Intramural here. Week 1 theme is 90’s!

Team Shrug Life

Kalanit Lagbas
Rhonda Law
Ken Rice
Jenny Much
Mathew Yetter
Nancy Fairweather
Shendorah Fisher
Rebecca Cooper
Taylor Shumaker
Erin Hayes
Alec George

Team Rowing Pains

Donna Main
Leah Armstrong
Lee Hughes
Alexis Sterbentz
Donna Main
Lee Hughes
Teresa DiTommaso
Roland San Nicolas
Heather Luther
Emilee Blankenship
Kristoffer Dieter
Shelbi Blevins
Ali Raphael

Team Less Talk’n, More Squat’n

Grace Lucas
Joshua Erger
Michelle Erickson
Chelsea Sturgal
Lisa Hannan
Jessica Meyer
Chase Smith-Roberts
zack jenson
Kalena Hammond
Stefan Mcpherson

The WOD Squad

Britney Clark
Danielle Monetti
Amanda Rohr
Kat Coley
Robert Law
Tori Fairweather
Barett Henderson
Pinky Rice
Jackie Capps