What Happens Next?

When we started doing CrossFit, we got our WODS online and worked out at home or public places with very little equipment. We had to be creative and modify movements depending on what you had. Before CrossFit NXNW we taught classes in public spaces with very little equipment. For us, this is going back to our roots and we’re excited for the challenge.

We’ve had a feeling this was going to happen for the past week so we’ve been working hard to come up with ideas to keep our members healthy and working out during this time. Here are several things we’re planning for our members the next two weeks:

  • Daily Home Workouts and Instructional Videos. We’re planning to post daily workouts along with instructional videos for you to work out from home. These workouts will have different tiers depending on the equipment you have available to you. If you have none, that’s fine.
  • Online virtual classes. We’re going to be streaming live classes using the “Zoom Meetings” app. This will allow for communication with your coach as well as other class members. We’ll start with a class or two a day and we hope to record it so you can follow along if you’re unable to attend the live time. We expect there to be some kinks until we get it all figured out, so please hang with us! Download the app, sign-in early to test the app, and mute your microphone unless you want to talk. You will need a moderate to good internet speed.
  • One-on-one online coaching & Personalized Programming. Do you have a home gym? Set-up a meeting with us and we’ll help you with any Olympic lifts, gymnastics movements or anything you want to work on. We’ll coach you live online. You can also send us video to critique. To set-up an appointment, email [email protected]
  • Weekly challenges. This is a way for us to make this fun and interactive. Stay tuned for more details.
  • Equipment check-out. We’re going to let our current members check-out equipment, starting with one piece, and more if availability allows. We’ll be at the gym from 4:30 – 6:00 Monday. If you can’t make that time we’ll find a way to get something to you.
  • Outdoor stuff. The weather’s getting warmer so we’re coming up with some outdoor activities for you.

Thank you for your support!

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