Wednesday 3/25/2020


Wednesday 3/25/2020

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Posted by CrossFit NXNW on Tuesday, March 24, 2020


3 Sets:

:30 Jog, Bike, Row, Jump Rope, or Jog in Place
10 Air Squats
10 Step Downs or Reverse Lunges
5 Single Arm Strict Shoulder Press, Each Arm – Any Object


Shoulder Stretch



3 Sets:

Broad Jump x 3 Reps
Tuck Hold x :30 Seconds



15 Minute AMRAP:

-20 Alternating Pistols or Reverse Lunges
-10 Hang Power Cleans (Use Weighted Back Pack, Barbell, DB’s, KB’s, Sandbag)
-5 Strict HSPU or 10 Push-Ups

*Optional use of your weighted object during the pistols or lunges.

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