Tuesday 6/9/2020

NXNW is and will always be a community that is non divisive and welcoming to people of all walks of life. Fitness is something that can bring people together. The terrible things written by Greg Glassman this weekend do not reflect the values of our community. This is causing us as well as CF affiliates throughout the world to change the relationship we have with CrossFit and our brand. We don’t know exactly how this will look, but we’re working on it.


Complete 2 Sets:

:30 Mountain Climbers
:30 Dynamic Scorpion
:30 Reverse Snow Angles
:30 Air Squats
:30 Pineapple Pickers
:30 Power Jumps


Complete 5 Sets:

Hang Clean x 3 Reps


Complete 4 Rounds for Time:

10 Push Press 95/65
10 Burpees

9 Minute Time Cap