Thursday 3/24/2022


2 Minute Bike, Row, or Ski


3 Sets

Pec Walk x 100 Meters
OH Plate Hold Sit-Ups x 8 Reps
Reverse Lunges x 8 Reps
Reverse Snow Angels x 8 Reps


Split Jerk Footwork

-Chalk feet jumping and landing positions
-Perform 10 perfect reps with hands at side
-Perform 5-10 reps with pvc, bar, or light weight


Split Jerk (scale with push jerk)

3-3-3-3 Weight by feel

-Don’t increase weight unless it looks/feels good.


Complete 4 sets, Not for Time:

Bench Press x 8 Reps
Single Arm DB Rows x 8 each arm
Farmers Carry x 100 Meters