Thursday 3/21/2019


A) Row or Bike 5-10 Minutes at a moderate pace.

B) Choose two body weight/gymnastics movements to work on and complete a 10 Minute EMOM..

Example 1:

Minute 1 – 5 Pull-Ups
Minute 2 – 10 Sit-Ups

Example 2:

Minute 1 – 3 Bar Muscle-Ups
Minute 2 – 8 Alternating Pistols

*Be sure to choose movements and reps that won’t leave you feeling sore or fatigued on Friday.

c) Complete 3 sets of the following, not for time:

Barbell Row x 6 Reps @20X1
Single Arm Front Rack Kettle Bell Carry x 50 Meters Each Arm
Bottoms-up Kettle Bell Press x 5 Reps each arm