Online Weightlifting Program

Beginning Monday, April 6th, we’ll be offering an olympic weightlifting program free to our members at Beyond the Whiteboard. The program is four days per week and can be a supplement to the at home workouts we’ve been posting.

What equipment will I need?

A barbell and some plates. If you have a rack, that’s great, but we can modify rack movements if needed. We’ll be adjusting reps/tempo depending on the amount of weight you have available.

How do I know if I’m performing the lifts correctly?

Set-up a Zoom meeting with us to coach you through the lifts. We can also create some online weightlifting class times if anyone’s interested. You can send us video to critique if you’re not comfortable with Zoom. I’ll also be posting videos and other resources at Beyond the Whiteboard.

How do I access Beyond the Whiteboard?

Click HERE. Use our code: NXNW736 to create a free account.

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