Friday 4/3/2020

Register for the Support Your Local Box Fundraiser online competition HERE. It’s free to register and workouts can be completed at home!


3 Sets:

Reverse Snow Angels x 8 @ 2020
Calf Raises x 10
Scorpion x 6


Calf stretch on wall
Shoulder stretch on wall
Couch Stretch


Complete 4 Sets:

Floor Press x 10-15 Reps
Alternating Pistols or Reverse Lunges x 14 Reps


Complete 6 Rounds for Max Reps:

:30 seconds of Deadlifts
Rest :30 seconds
:30 seconds of Double-Unders
Rest :30 seconds

Scaling and Equipment Modifications

Floor Press:

Use a barbell, DB’s, KB’s, weighted pack pack, log. Choose your rep amount depending on how heavy an object you can find. If you only have one DB or KB, perform single arm floor press and switch arms.


Use a barbell, DB’s, KB’s, weighted pack pack, log, or any odd object. Choose a weight you can move somewhat consistently for :30.


Scale with single jump rope. If you don’t have a rope, perform jumping jacks for :30