Monday 11/23/2020


3 Sets:

Reverse Snow Angels x 8 Reps
Reverse Alternating Lunges x 10 Reps
Stationary Inchworms x 3 Reps




3 Sets:

Turkish Get-Up x 3 Reps Each Arm or Turkish Sit-Up x 6 Reps
Strict Pull-Ups x 5-10 Reps

Use any Object for Turkish Get-Ups. Start with no weight until you have the steps down.
Find a pull-up spot if you don’t have a bar. Modify with towel Pull-Ups or Towel Rows.


Complete 5 Rounds for Time:

15 Back Pack Deadlifts
15 Back Pack Push Press
15 Burpees Over Back Pack

Grab a Back Pack and fill to desired weight.
Feel free to modify with a barbell, sandbag, or Dumbbells if you have them.