Friday 5/22/2020

Check out our tips & tricks for quarantine Murph


2 Sets:

10 Calf Raises
3 Inchworms
:30 Tip Toe Walk
:30 Heel Walk
10 Pineapple Pickers
10 Dynamic Pigeon


3 Sets:

10 Pull-Ups, Rows, or DB Rows
10 Push-Ups, Deficit Push-ups, or 5 Strict HSPU


Death By Shuttle Run

1)Mark out 30 feet.

2) On Minute 1, run the distance once. On Minute 2 run the distance twice (back and forth), touching with one hand past your marker before turning around. Keep adding one distance each minute until you can no longer complete the given reps for that minute.

Limited in space? Mark 15 feet and double the reps.