Friday 3/27/2020

We are now on Beyond the Whiteboard. This will provide a virtual whiteboard for posting workouts as well as a way to track and analyze your workouts. Use our code NXNW736 to make a profile. Click HERE to get started!

Click HERE to sign-up for one of our online classes! Each time you attend you will be entered in a raffle to win a shirt, hat, sticker, and Fitaid.


2 Sets:

10 Sit-Ups
10 Squats
10 Lunges

Couch Stretch
Down dog


20 Minute AMRAP:

3 Wall Walks
10 Burpees
10 Shoot Throughs
10 Grasshoppers

  • One Shoot Through is all the way through and back.
  • One Grasshopper is completing both sides


20 Minute AMRAP:

3 Inchworms
10 Burpees
:15 Superman Hold to :15 Tuck Hold
10 Mountain Climbers