2023 CrossFit Open Intramural

Sign-up for this year’s Intramural here!

The CrossFit Open is back and we’re thrilled to continue the tradition of the Open and our own CrossFit NXNW Intramural! Whether this your first Open/Intramural, or you’re a long time participant, we have the answers to all your questions on how this year will work!

What is the CrossFit Open?

The CrossFit Games Open is the largest fitness competition on Earth and an exciting showcase of the CrossFit community. Anyone can sign-up to compete in three workouts over three weeks and post their scores online. You can sign-up online at www.games.crossfit.com

What is the NXNW Intramural?

Whether or not you sign-up for the official CrossFit Open online, you can still sign-up for our Intramural for free. The CrossFit NXNW Intramural is a less serious, fun way for everyone at NXNW to participate. Participants will be divided into teams. These teams will be competing against each other for a prize at the end of the Open. Not super competitive? No problem, most of us aren’t either! You can help your team win simply by just showing up and completing the workout! These workouts are scaled to your ability just like every other workout, and you might as well join in the fun because we’ll be completing the workouts in our classes anyway.

When & Where?

The Open workouts will take place at CrossFit NXNW, during class times every Friday from February 16th – March 6th.

If I’m traveling or unable to make it to the gym for a workout, should I sign-up?

Of course! Drop into a gym while on the road or complete a version of the workout at home. The Open workouts can be completed with very little equipment, and can be modified even if you have no equipment.

Who makes the workouts?

CrossFit creates the workouts and they will be announced each Thursday evening throughout the three weeks.

Where do I sign up for the NXNW Intramural?

Sign-up for this year’s Intramural here! We’ll randomly select the teams, and announce them days before the first workout!

Can I sign-up for the Intramural even if I don’t sign-up for the Open online?

Yes!!! Our goal is to get everyone to participate in the Intramural.

What if I don’t feel like competing?

The Intramural isn’t as much about the competition as it is about the fun. Each Friday you get to complete the workouts with your friends, dress up (if you want), and enjoy some snacks/drinks. Friday afternoons sometimes turn into a bit of a party during the Open. We also tend to eat a little healthier and workout more consistently if we’ve committed to the intramural. The winning team will also win a prize.

What if I can’t make it on a Friday?

You will have a chance to makeup the workout during our Sunday open gym times.

How does the Scoring work for the Intramural?

1 Point – For every team member that completes the workout each week
3 Points – For every team member who finishes in the top 3 for male and female RX.
5 Points – Spirit: The team with the most noise, pride, and PRESENCE each week will receive 5 bonus points.  This can include themes, costumes, mascots etc..
1 Point – For each team member who posts a selfie or picture on social media before, during, or after the workout! You must use #crossfitnxnw and check-in at CrossFit NXNW for us to find your post and award you points!